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Introducing our scholarship program tailored for aspiring professionals in Business, Management, Tourism, and Hospitality-related fields. We are delighted to offer up to 70% coverage for online study programs, enabling individuals to pursue their educational goals with flexibility and convenience. Emphasizing a self-independent approach, our online platform empowers learners to engage in their studies from anywhere, at any time. Unlock your potential and advance your career with our scholarship, designed to support your academic journey in the digital age.

Scholarship in short:

  • up to 70% for the online study programs (all other study methods are not included like on-campus or virtual education)

  • for Business, management, Tourism, and hospitality programs (all other programs are not included, like IT or health-related programs)

  • what means online: it means 100% self-independent education

  • Vocational diplomas (lasting over 14 weeks) are eligible for scholarships of up to 50%.

  • However, it's important to note that all scholarships are conditional upon the full payment of the study fee in advance. This ensures the validity of the scholarship and secures your enrollment in the program.

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